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About Us

The Canadian Society of Laboratory and X-Ray Technologists (CSCLXT) is the national professional society for Combined Laboratory and X-Ray Technologists (CLXTs) employed in Canada.  It is a not-for-profit society that strives to be strong advocates for the profession and membership.

The CSCLXT is a newly formed society which began in 2014 with a group of dedicated and passionate CLXTs coming together to form the first council.  Early stages defined the purpose of the CSCLXT as a society to provide recognition, awareness, promotion and continuity of the growing profession of CLXTs.
Today the society celebrates the profession and dedicated professionals who provide care to patients across the nation.

What is a CLXT?

CLXTs provide diagnostic imaging and laboratory services to physicians and nurses to make informed and accurate care plans. These technologists are unique with a diverse set of skills. Certification in the laboratory, x-ray and cardiology disciplines make them suited for work in rural and remote hospitals and healthcare centres.


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